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Please select your payment below.

Form received on or before 1 July Form received after 1 July
EA-OHP Member
You are an existing member for 2006 if you have joined or renewed your membership of the Academy since 1st January 2006. Take advantage of delegate fee discount by clicking on the ‘Membership’ link and joining the Academy before registering to attend the Dublin conference.
£280/€410 £320/€470 cannot select before 02/07/06
Non-member £320/€470 £360/€530 cannot select before 02/07/06
Developing Country £130/€180 £150/€200 cannot select before 02/07/06
Student (EA-OHP members and non-members) £90/€120 £110/€150 cannot select before 02/07/06
Irish Health & Safety Authority employee £240/€350 £280/€410 cannot select before 02/07/06

Delegate fee includes * Please ensure you have your credit card details to hand before registering.

If you are unable to pay by credit card please contact the Finance Officer, Stavroula Leka, directly to request an invoice at [email protected].

If you experience any problems when registering your details please contact [email protected].