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Conference Programme
Presentation Schedule


The Academy extends its gratitude to Maia City Council for generously donating the city's Forum da Maia. The Forum da Maia is a purpose built conference facility that will be home to the conference. All scientific elements, lunch and refreshments will take place within the Forum. There will be representatives on hand from the Tourist Board for the duration of the conference who will be pleased to assist delegates in planning sightseeing agendas. The Tourist Board will also be organising a number of free sightseeing trips that delegates may sign up for at the exhibition stand in the reception area.

Conference Dinner

The conference dinner is taking place at the home of Taylor's famous port wine. A free bus will transport diners from the Sheraton hotel at 19:30 on Friday evening, returning at 00:30. Please note that diners may take a taxi to Taylors Wine Lodge should they prefer (Rua do Choupelo, 250, 4400-088 Vila Nova de Gaia). At any time during or after the meal diners may book a taxi at the restaurant reception desk to return to the city centre. A taxi should cost no more than 20 Euros.

Taylor's Wine Lodge is located at the top of a windy historic Portuguese street, the last 200 metres of which is inaccessible to buses. It is advisable to bring an umbrella just in case it is raining during the 200 metre walk. Please note that although short, the walk is up a steep cobbled street. Diners who anticipate they may have difficulty with the walk should inform Jonathan Houdmont during the conference so that transportation by car can be arranged as necessary.

The evening will begin with a tour of the port wine making facilities (20:00-20:30). From 8:30 to 9:00 there will be a pre-dinner port wine cocktail session including a range of port wines and food typical of this area of Portugal. Dinner will commence at 21:00 in Três Sécalos restaurant. After dinner there will be opportunity to listen to a traditional Portuguese live band while continuing to sample port wine in its various guises until the buses depart at 00:30.

Forum da Maia, Núcleo Central do Concelho - 4470 Maia - Portugal

Invited Speakers

Keynote speakers make a special contribution to the EA-OHP conference. Each year eminent researchers, practitioners and educators are invited to deliver keynote presentations and stimulate conference with their cutting-edge perspectives and lively presentations. Oporto 2004 seeks to build upon this tradition. As such, the following eminent researchers with an international reputation for their contribution to the field of Occupational Health Psychology and related disciplines have been invited to deliver keynote presentations. Biographies of these individuals will appear here shortly, as will an announcement of further keynote presenters upon confirmation of availability. Peter Y. Chen, born in Taipei, Taiwan, graduated from University of South Florida in 1991 under the supervision of Professor Paul E. Spector. His graduate training focuses on Industrial/Organizational Psychology as well as Psychometrics. Currently, he is an Associate Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychology at Colorado State University, USA. He has received an award from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and American Psychological Association (APA) to develop an Occupational Health Psychology Graduate Training within Industrial/Organizational Psychology Program in 2001. In his graduate teaching, he has regularly offered seminars in personnel psychology, training and development, occupational health psychology, and advanced statistics. His primary research interests are in occupational health, personality, performance evaluation, training, and methodology, and has published articles in various journals including Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Management, Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, Journal of Organizational and Occupational Psychology, Journal of Personality Assessment, Journal of Business and Psychology, International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, and Group and Organization Management: An International Journal. Over the past three years, he has been awarded grants to investigate the antecedents of safety behaviors among union workers (e.g., safety motivation, leadership, safety climates, job and person characteristics), to examine the role of sleep patterns on injuries among farm workers, and to assess long-term effects of workplace aggression on anger expression and adjustment among certified nursing assistants. Recently, Dr. Chen and his colleagues have initiated collaboration with The Center to Protect Workers' Rights to conduct safety trainings and implement safety dissemination programs. Prior to his graduate training, he had been working as an expatriate for a trading company for several years. In addition, he has worked for Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety, a research center of Liberty Mutual Insurance, to examine the behavioral, material, and organizational influences on work accidents and injuries. He also provides consulting services in the areas of job analysis, training, and workplace violence prevention.

Teresa Mendonça McIntyre, Ph.D. is Professor of Health Psychology at the University of Minho, Portugal where she co-ordinates the graduate program in Health Psychology and co-ordinates the psychology curricula at the Minho Medical School. She is the President of The European Health Psychology Society, is Book Review Editor for the Journal Psychology & Health and is on the editorial board of The European Psychologist. She has edited and co-edited several Clinical and Health Psychology books, such as Health Psychology and The Psychological Impact of War Trauma on Civilians, and has published internationally in this domain both in Europe and the United States. She is one of the pioneers in the development of Occupational Health Psychology in Portugal, having co-ordinated a line of research for the past 10 years on individual and organizational factors in occupational stress, in the helping professions. She conducted the first stress audit in the health professions in the Northern Region, funded by the Ministry of Health, and has pioneered outcome studies on health promotion at the workplace.

Michiel Kompier, Michiel Kompier (1956) has a full chair in work and organisational psychology at the University of Nijmegen (The Netherlands). His research area is occupational health psychology. He has published many (inter)national articles, books and book chapters on topics such as work stress, the psychosocial work environment, mental work load, sickness absenteeism, work disability, work and health, productivity, work-home interaction, and working conditions policies. In his studies the emphasis is on prevention and intervention studies in organizations and applied research methodology. Michiel Kompier is chairman of the scientific Committee 'Work Organization and Psychosocial Factors' of ICOH (International Commission on Occupational Health), co-editor of the Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment and Health', and member of the editorial boards of 'Work and Stress' and the 'International Journal of Stress and Health'.